S1E3 – spearfishing in the desert

Ivan Knudseth

It seem harsh and unforgiving, but at the same time a place of incredible beauty and resilience. The sun-baked landscape is maybe the last place you would think of going spearfishing, but Lake Powell offers sheer magnitude of fish and adventure.

This year the WORLD FRESHWATER SPEARFISHING CHAMPIONSHIPS is held at Lake Powell may 16 – 20th and we sat down to talk with Mike Livingstone, Kenny Western and Mike Kennedy about the event and what to expect.

We talk about the championship, about the rules, places, fish and where to sign up.

Enjoy this episode and rememeber, hold your breath!

In the studio: Ivan Knudseth & Ørjan Dyrnes

Guests: Mike Livingstone, Kenny Western and Mike Kennedy

National Freshwater Spearfishing Association


World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship


Contact Mike Livingstone about anything regarding this Champinship:

E-mail – mjlivingston2@gmail.com